Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simple Pleasure

The transition of Winter into Spring has most certainly begun in the great Pacific Northwest...foggy mornings ascending into sunshiny afternoons, budding stems, blissfully chirping birds, and the scent of 'green'. Observing their gradual stirring and resurfacing from their long winter's sleep, I'm delighted to see my grape hyacinths have emerged and blossomed! Some buds were as tiny as a child's fingernail and others proudly stretch as if to say, 'Hey, here I am! Look at me!'

I tell you, those are a few of the simple pleasures I soak in each and every day, unless it's raining then I hold on to a different set of simple pleasures...strong big comforting hugs, cups of hot tea, a softy throw, hmmmm...Another humble yet simple indulgence is a bowl of whole milk fresh ricotta sweetened with honey and topped with walnuts. Next time, it'll be topped with unsalted pistachios. Don't go nuts (of course, no pun intended) and serve yourself a huge bowl assuming to find an answer at the bottom of it. It is fairly rich and yet so highly satisfying!
  • Simple Pleasure in a Bowl
Whole milk ricotta
  1. Serve into bowl
  2. Drizzle with honey to your heart's desire
  3. Sprinkle with nuts
  4. Clear the room
  5. Enjoy!

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