Friday, November 13, 2009

Hot Toddies

Autumn in the Pacific Northwest lends itself to forecasts of rain, rain, rain. However, it really all depends in what area you live. We take advantage of 'sun'/cloud breaks, and enjoy our time outdoors, as in the beach. We spend more time there during the off seasons, than in the summer...go figure! During our walk we see plenty of seals popping their heads out of the water, usually vocal seagulls quietly bobbing in the bay, and the remnants of autumn leaves clinging onto branches. Looking up, a sparse cover of orange and yellow leaves halfheartedly hide tree limbs intimately entwined...

A crisp autumn day at the beach sends us home yearning for hot drinks. J., a hot apple cider, me an adult oriented cider concoction. I am not aware if there is a drink like this already out there, but apple cider can be taken to a new level with some '43', a vanilla liqueur. It is transformed into Carmel Apple in a cup. Cold or hot, it is mesmerizing!

I was in the mode of experimentation, so it didn't stop there!

Yesterday, I received a bag of Thanksgiving blend as a gift and reading the write up, it was described as being full bodied and herbal...herbal?
I had to try it! I expected a pumpkin spice after note or something along those lines. Wrong. It was actually medium bodied with a slightly sweet touch at the end. It made for a good afternoon pick me up...of course by no means plain coffee! I added flavored creamer, Parisian Almond Creme with some cinnamon schnapps. Parisian Almond Creme is more cinnamon creme with almond essence, according to my palate. I figured cinnamon schnapps would be the perfect accessory. I tend to prefer my drinks a bit on the worthwhile side, as in heavy handed, so next time I think I'll add a little more kick!


Caramel Apple
* adjustable to suit your taste

Apple juice
43 liqueur

Heat apple juice
Add 43
Melt into your seat and enjoy!

Coffee in a Schnapp

Brewed Thanksgiving blend coffee
Parisian Almond Creme flavored creamer
Cinnamon schnapps

Add creamer and schnapps to coffee
Feel the liquid joy!

*I'm positive the coffee could be substituted with your favorite blend

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